Porira, Plimmerton

Settling into a new home and its pouring rain. I'm writing this after the fact but I think this is the day that made me sick. I got sick for a week and couldn't leave my room. But that doesn't matter now. It was just a sign that I need to take care of myself. Funny enough I spent the first week here just lounging around and doing absolutely nothing and asking myself why I couldn't find jobs. I was basically in denial that things aren't going well for me my first week here but it was just be being lazy and not wanting to wake up early and go do things. 

I originally wanted to write something about nature and the wind but now that just sounds incredibly dumb. The whole purpose of me coming here was to explore the beautiful country and figure out what I need to be doing. I always have too many ideas and no way of choosing which one to go for. I'm finally getting into the swing of things and just realised if I have the privilege to do whatever I want, then thats exactly what I should be doing. Take it day by day and figure it out as it goes on. You can't force life to happen, it just does. I keep forcing the motivation but now I see I don't work well with that type of pressure. Basically Im self analysing my flaws. (Which lets be honest, is the point of these posts)

So, Get up. Go do something with your time. If you have the ability to go outside and be free willing, take advantage of that. Lets see how well I take my own advise. 

Granted: Time

Grateful: Being Alone