I feel you, But..

I re-read my other post, and several other ones I wrote in my notebook. I didn't mean for anything to come off harsh or mean. I only realised a couple of months ago that the way I speak and what I say comes off as rude or just like a plain asshole. It's not something I really notice until after the fact. 

When I said that people are silly for letting fear control them I meant it but I understand that not everyone is in the same situation as me. So instead of deleting that, I'm going to make my point. What I truly meant was not allowing money control your life. Most people I know live in America ( what is suppose to be a free country) and even though that may not be the case for all the people that live there, at least for now it is mostly true. I've been to other countries where people aren't allowed to voice their opinions or be who they want to be. So to me that means you are free enough. You should focus on your happiness and if that means traveling then focus your energy on saving money and going. Go. A lot of people kept asking me how and why I was leaving and wishing they could leave too. But the reality is they just don't choose to do so. 

Some of those people have families to take care of and of course this doesn't go towards them but still. My dad was a construction worker and my mom was a housekeeper, professions that don't have you rolling in money. As kids my brother and I went on vacation every year and had toys, games and each other. My parents worked very hard to give us luxury in any way they could. This is why I speak on my high horse. I know life is hard, trust me I may come back to NY broke but I really don't care. Money comes and goes. You work hard and then spend it. So really you have nothing to loose. So to everyone fearful of running out of money, I feel you but makes things happen for you. If you have the privilege to be in a little selfish, do so and think big. Have dreams. Don't let money scare you from enjoying yourself. And for those who have less then anything, I hope and pray that you find happiness in the smallest things. 

Granted: Parents 

Grateful: Life