A New World.

On January 26th I travelled through time to New Zealand. I arrived on Saturday January 28th. It was a bit gloomy but still breath taking. As soon as you hit the road all you see is mountains, hills and valleys for miles. All the houses are in hills, built beautifully for people to raise their children. I stayed with a lovely family and their huge dog, Shimmer. I had spent the prior months telling everyone I hadn't seen in a long time and the people I see everyday that I was going to set of on this adventure. "By yourself?", they asked, everyone was so fearful of me going to the other side of the globe by myself. It was as if I told them they had to come with me. 

It's strange, putting your fears into others but I think it's something that happens often but we don't notice it. You tell someone why you don't like something or why it wouldn't be a good idea and you start convincing yourself that you too are scared. To me being fearful is just a cop out. Some people don't have the opportunity to be scared or nervous. They are forced into situations were they have do or die. So when my friends and loved ones asked me over and over again if this was something I really wanted to do, I said of course!. I love being scared and awake. It makes me feel powerful, the thought that I can accomplish anything. If my parents can come to a country, in which they didn't speak the language or know anyone or have a job planned out, I could absolutely survive New Zealand with money in my pocket. 

What I am doing is completely selfish and I am Ok with that. I understand that what I'm doing is for me and me only. Which is why I never understood the questions and hesitations. I have made a decision that I am internally grateful for. I know I am blessed and that is exactly why I'm taking this chance. It could backfire on me and I could come back the same person I was in January but I plan on finding out the hard way. What is means to be "alone". 

Granted: Family

Grateful: Air